About us

Hi, we are the Lockyer family.  There are three generations of us living and working here on our farm.  We keep ourselves busy looking after our flock of sheep, 500 acres of arable land, B&B in the main farmhouse, a holiday cottage, and the campsite.

The campsite has evolved from the first Shepherd’s Hut we bought to run alongside the B&B, being sheep farmers, we thought a shepherd’s hut was the right fit.  That proved to be popular and people said they would love to come back with friends.  So, we bought our second shepherd’s hut.  Then we had requests to pitch a tent so that they could bring their children along.  So, the idea of the campsite was born.  Also, I (Catherine) am a keen camper myself!

As well as us humans, our farm is home to an abundance of wildlife.  We are lucky enough to frequently see/hear, barn and tawny owls, lots of red kites and buzzards, yellowhammers, and many more birds that I am not expert enough to identify!  We often see families of deer grazing, hear foxes and duck our heads from low flying bats!

We love our farm and are very passionate about conservation and improving our environment.  We are continually striving to plant and maintain hedges, trees, and woodland, sow wildflower plots and leave wide field margins, etc.

We are also passionate about being farmers who provide sustainable high-quality food and believe it is incredibly important to find the balance between conservation and production.

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